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When I was an 8 year old boy, I would lean over the edge of McMahon Stadium, pressing my ribs against the cold steel guard rail as I stretched as far as I possibly could in hopes of receiving a fist bump from one of the pros.


The moment it finally happened, I remember the feeling, in fact I can feel it right this very second as I type these words and the goosebumps begin to spread on my forearms. The feeling shot through my body and continued to pulse with every beat of my heart, indescribable, beyond this world. When I reflect back on this, it is evident that this was the moment when I was inspired to set my life on a path.


While I did not know the exact details of that path, I could visualize that it would one day result in me being on the other side of that fist bump, as a pro.


Our companies and projects are always striving to emit that feeling of limitless positive growth, in all that we do. Just be a good human.

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