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A PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL team environment of 87 (max) good human beings doing good business who are seeking to connect, learn, grow, build infinitely in business & life together. There is no ego, no "we go". 

A safe ecosystem to confidentially soundboard, brainstorm, think tank and grow together, in an organic peer to peer, yet Harvard Business School structured framework—the case studies harvested from teammate's current business/personal obstacles.  

Framework and format based upon over a decade of building various Harvard Alumni peer groups and pro athlete business transition peer groups.  

Invitation only (directly from me, Marco). If you are interested to become a teammate, message me directly here.

When I reflect on the highest successes in my life, they were all when I surrounded myself with top quality good human beings. Hungry for growth and expansion, willingness to share wisdom from past failures, mindful of their own ego, shining with positivity. Every interaction had an underlying excitement, a buzz, a vibration, a feeling of frequencies connecting, a feeling of prosperity aligning.

Private87 is special because each of our teammates bring deep passion, vibrant positive energy, relentless determination and together we are a limitless team. Together, we can accelerate and expand all of our business and personal journeys through leveraging the talents, expertise, experience, and wisdom of our team of 87.

1) Chatroom; free app (mobile and desktop)

2) Peer Group "Harvard Business School" Case Studies; via zoom and in person (business cases are harvested from teammate's current business/personal obstacles.).

3) Anytime Direct 1-on-1 with Marco

4) Business and Social meet-ups

To learn more details and logistics about these four categories, click the Prospective Members Portal link below (password attained from me, Marco, directly on LinkedIn or via email).


  • Who is in the group?

    • Each teammate is interviewed prior to being offered membership.​

    • CEOs, Presidents, Sr Execs, Founders, Owners, Entrepreneurs, Partners, Directors, are typically the titles that most will carry, but they are not necessarily required. What I am most focused on is the teammate's deep energy within for growth, positive impact, giving nature, mindful ego and alignment with our group's core frequency. Some members include:

      • Former CEO/Owner of the largest sports and entertainment agency in the world.​

      • CEO of construction company with over 300 employees.

      • Founder/CEO of multiple tech companies with over 100 employees.

      • Founder/CEO of 7 location business.

      • Former 8 year NHL'er now private equity specialist.

      • Top tier physician and medtech startup innovator.

      • CEO digital agency.

      • US Marine and co-owner business consultant.

  • Is there a team membership fee.

    • Yes, annual membership fee detailed in "Prospective Members Portal"​

  • Do I have to live in Vancouver BC?

    • No. There are pods of people throughout Canada and US. Vancouver, Boston, New York, LA, Calgary.​

    • We primarily do business case studies via video conference and also communicate through our chat room. We have channels for in person meet ups for pods of people in your area. We also do an annual retreat meet up where we invite the entire group together. 

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