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Ventures II

[MP Partners]

Providing the advisory, human capital, access, and capital that your company/project needs to get to the next level.

Seeking SaaS, Disruptive Tech, CPG, and Real Estate from Seed to Series B. Typically with $250k-$10M ARR.

We scale and grow grow companies & projects via partnership and investment, providing: 

  • Structure

  • GTM [Go-to-market]

  • Growth & Scaling

  • Financial & Strategic Planning

  • Capital Investment & Alignment

  • Strategic Partner Introductions

We perform due diligence through two lenses; 1) the logical, financial, physical world and 2) the spiritual, energetic universe. Through this unique approach, we operate as a true holistic partner utilizing business as a means of meditation to experience team, vision and execution through the deepest, most authentic and fulfilling journey.

Please note, in order for MP Partners to assist with your capital raising needs, we must first be engaged on a Partnership/Advisory basis. 

Co-creating with partners whom are good human beings on projects that are driven by greater good.

Please reach out to begin our conversation and journey together.

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