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SFN Group

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The uniting of 3 companies to form SFN Group:

  1. Shiboomi Strategy & Human Capital

  2. Forecastle Financial Research

  3. Nuzzi Ventures

Providing complete nucleus team to model, scale and grow projects/companies via partnership. Seeking real estate development projects, green & disruptive tech companies with $10M+ revenue. 

  • Due Dilligence

  • Structure

  • Growth

  • Scaling

  • Financial Modeling

  • Capital Investment


We perform due diligence through two lenses; 1) the logical, financial, physical world and 2) the spiritual, energetic universe. Through this unique approach, we are able to act as consultants to provide strategy as we align projects and human capital. As well as align financial capital internally or through our network of Family Offices and UHNWI. Please note, in order for SFN to assist with your capital raising needs, we must first be engaged on a consultant basis.   


Co-creating with partners whom are good human beings on projects that are driven by greater good.

Please send private message on LinkedIn.

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