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Nuzzi Ventures Group is family owned and operated. Our first venture began in 1999 repairing computers and has grown to found/co-found, partner, direct, operate, manage, fund, and/or consult for over 50 companies/projects with a combined enterprise value of over $2B directly (+$6B indirectly). Expanding into several industries such as Tech, Green Tech, Sustainability, Finance, Healthcare, Commercial/Residential Development, Architecture, PR and Digital Marketing.


Our primary vision and mission is simple: just be a good human. New ventures must have positive human impact, positive environmental impact, improve our world's sustainability and enrich its surrounding communities. The majority of profits from ventures are redeployed back into the world to do more good and support more do good companies and projects. Just be a good human.

If you are seeking a Business Partner, Board Director, Special/Strategic Advisor, or an Executive Consultant, please contact us on LinkedIn.

Expertise in all aspects of building companies/projects from the ground up and nurturing them to achieve their impactful vision and mission:

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Core team assembly

  • Structure

  • Financing

  • Private/public equity

  • Rapid team expansion

  • Capital expenditure

  • Sustainable design

  • Sustainable tech

  • Facilities development

  • ESG

  • Story telling

  • PR & digital marketing

project highlights

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) $50M

  • Electric vehicles; IPO $125M

  • Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

  • Alternative green energy; private & gov contract $200M

  • Professional sports team ownership

  • Solar; $90M

  • 4-location integrated medical health clinic franchise; served over 30,000 patients

  • Private island dev.; 800 acre 85 lots, $450M fully realized

  • Golf course dev. complex 180 lots

  • 5-star destination mental wellness, healing & recovery center; 50 beds $40M

  • Cannabis; RTO $1B

  • Equity stock portfolio mgmt; $73M

  • Formulation-manufacturing-distribution nutraceuticals

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